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Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe
Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe
Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe
Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe
Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe
Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe

Navy Cotton Velvet Classic Robe

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Inspired by the ever-inspiring landscape of luxury fashion, Heidi's classic tufted velvet robe will quickly become the quintessence of luxurious loungewear. Designed for maximum glamor without losing warmth and comfort, this silky-soft robe shimmers in a rich, deep blue reminiscent of the sky at midnight. A 100% soft cotton weft clearly outshines the synthetic, mass-produced fabrics you'll find in stores this holiday season, offering an irresistibly comfortable finish to your busy day.

Looking to make this the perfect gift? Don't forget the personalized gift-wrapping option when adding this lovely robe to your cart.

  • Naturally soft tufted 100% cotton velvet makes every day a holiday
  • Lightly tailored silhouette flatters the figure while staying supremely comfortable
  • A sophisticated take on traditional velvet is an elegant celebration of the season
  • Delicate scalloped trim creates a soft, feminine finish
  • Spacious side pockets add a touch of modernity
  • Never-lost attached belt and interior ties for adjustable fit and security
  • Customers say: "I LOVE this robe, the fit is great and the weight is perfect. But my favorite part of this robe is the built-in belt!"
  • Created by local artisans in the Rajasthan region of India
  • Handmade luxury, designed in California

I’m no fashionista, you all know that. Yet here I am designing in sexy blue velvet just like Tom Ford did at Gucci so many years ago! Have I gone mad? Not at all, let me explain. 

In 1996 when Tom Ford (who’s style I love) was showing velvet suits for Gucci I was awestruck. I thought they were beautiful, classic and even elegant. Of course they were sexy too. I was working for Ralph Lauren designing accessories; cotton velvet was not in our line.

Velvet is such an incredible fabric it has become its own descriptor…“like velvet”! 

I love how soft and comfy ultra soft tufted cotton velvet makes us feel. The natural softness of the cotton when tufted on the loom is just heaven. 

About a year ago I saw an old photo of that Gucci show in ‘96 and it jarred that feeling about velvet, so I made it my focus to design a piece of stylish at home wear in velvet. I started with pajamas, they looked most like the gorgeous Gucci suit I has seen, but they just didnt work. Then I tried a robe….in navy blue…..trimmed with white scalloping! Oh when that first sample arrived I have never been so excited to try it on! So soft, so…velvety!! I made some adjustments to enhance the fit so it would be as flattering as possible. As a mid-weight robe I want to eliminate as much extra fabric without making it too fitted. 

Everyone should have one cotton velvet robe in their wardrobe. Wearing this robe is like going on vacation to a five star resort without leaving home. I’m not as big a fan of synthetic velvet as it feels a bit more Playboy Mansion than a five star hotel!  I hope you love this new robe as much as I do.  

Robes can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed. They have been washed multiple times in the printing process so they will not shrink.