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Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe
Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe
Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe
Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe
Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe
Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe

Holiday Wreath Print Fleece Lined Classic Robe

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Fleece Lined Robes Sizing Guide

A cozier variation on Heidi's printed cotton classic robe, our fleece-lined holiday Wreath Print edition is designed for pure comfort in a cooler climate. Unlike most traditional warm robes, our fleece lining is specifically designed with innovative thermal properties to add warmth without being bulky and unflattering - and the addition of an artistically rendered pattern of green holly, pine cones, and bold berries makes it ideal for recapturing the holiday spirit of Christmases past and present. Exquisitely detailed by complementary scalloped trim and a shawl collar, this stylish essential wraps you with a gentle warmth from head to foot. 

Whether you're heading home for the holidays or staying in by the fireplace, our fleece-lined robe is sure to delight as an innovative addition to loungewear.

  • Lightly tailored silhouette with soft fleece lining flatters the figure while staying supremely comfortable
  • A one-of-a-kind, sophisticated take on a holiday print is both festive and elegant
  • Delicate scalloped trim creates a soft, feminine finish
  • Spacious side pockets to hold your phone and other necessities
  • Never-lost attached belt and interior ties for adjustable fit and security
  • Customers say: “Timeless elegance and excellent quality. Highly recommend!”
  • Hand block printed by local artisans in the Rajasthan region of India
  • Handmade luxury, designed in California

My holiday spirit tends to run high. I love the feeling of the holidays; from October to the New Year, my spirits just seem to be buoyant, helped by a shared focus on family, love and giving. 

Each year in February I sit down to design a new print for the holiday season. There are many symbols we use during the holiday, but the holiday wreath feels very special and so I am launching my holiday wreath print in celebration of the spirit of the holidays. 

Wreaths have come a long way from the Greek myths and Olympic winners. We now hang wreaths on our doors and cars to celebrate the holiday spirit, invite good cheer and good luck. Whatever the reason, I love seeing wreaths hung at any time of year but especially during the extended holiday period. 

My wreath print consists of soft red bows, green pine boughs, holly and a pinecone here and there. We drew and re-drew this print for months trying to strike the perfect balance of elegance and spirit. It was not an easy feat, just a tad too much of this or that and you have a garish holiday symbol! I didn't want that. My goal was to create a print that could be worn in style as long as we have our wreaths hung. Piped with festive red scalloping, you’ll be the toast of the holidays in your new robe, pajamas, or nightgown. As a set they can be worn all day! 



Robes can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed. They have been washed multiple times in the printing process so they will not shrink.

Fleece Robe Sizing Guide