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My robes come in three styles, three weights, and many unique patterns. Find in this guide all the details to choose the right robe for you.

The robes come in three different styles

1. Kimono

It's the most generous in size. Lots of fabric to relax in.

2. Tailored

It's a bit more fitted similar to a slim fit. Very elegant.

3. Classic

It's right in between neither roomy or fitted. So Stylish!

And they come in three weights

1. Light-weight

Soft and airy. If you run warm or for warmer climates. Ultra comfy and a great

2. Mid-weight

French Terry is a great mid-weight.
Not bulky, just the right amount of warmth.

3. Fleece

My warmest robe for colder months or women who run cold, like me.

And many patterns

Currently not every pattern comes in every style or weight. My goal is to eventually be able to offer every pattern in every style and weight but I’m not there yet. For now I think of each pattern as being special to a particular style due to what the pattern is and how it feels to me.



Green Bamboo