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Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts
Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts
Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts
Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts
Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts

Ice Blue Filigree PJ with Shorts

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My ice blue filigree print short-sleeve pajama set is crafted to be comfy and perfect for hot nights and hot sleepers!  Each pair of pajamas begins as a print carved into wood and dipped in rich ice blue to be printed on comfy lightweight cotton. Pj's are generously scalloped by hand, each pair is a labor of love for you to enjoy in style when at home. Inspired by antique porcelain china, I have taken my favorite elements and turned them into a beautiful everyday pattern that will amplify your beauty morning and night. Classic style never goes out of fashion. Heidi

  • 100% soft light-weight cotton.
  • Straight fit. 
  • New ice blue filigree Print 
  • Features stylish scalloping all over.
  • Drawstring pants with elastic back
  • Handmade luxury, designed in California.
  • My new Filigree Print was inspired by a dream.

    In the dream, I am at a small dinner party in a beautiful London brownstone in the Mayfair district. Our dinner party is seated around a beautiful antique dining table set with stunning bone china plates. The room’s walls are covered in a striking de Gournay wallpaper. The setting is elegant, warm and comfortable. I am at the table with friends talking while waiting to be served.

    As I take in the scene with all my senses a vision for a new pattern emerged in my mind’s eye. The bone china’s Filigree elements combine with the room’s wallpaper, melting slowly into an idea…I can barely see it but there it is...

    The dream skips backward, I’m now in the kitchen with the hostess. It’s the morning before the dinner party.. She is wearing a beautiful bathrobe with the pattern I had imagined. I could see the pattern's outline but not clearly. It was red with delicate lines. But the harder I tried to see the print the more it faded…..

    Upon awakening,  I race down to my office to sketch as much of the design as possible. This is where it all started.