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Emerald Green French Terry Robe
Emerald Green French Terry Robe

Emerald Green French Terry Robe

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French Terry Robe Sizing Guide

Mid-Weight emerald green french terry classic robe with white scalloping. With just the right amount of stretch and no added bulk French Terry is the perfect robe for a cool evening at home. Designed with a classic fit for the perfect not too tailored nor too roomy look. You'll never go back to regular terry.

85% cotton and 15% polyester

Fully Scalloped

Attached belt

Interior sash ties

Front pockets

Washer and dryer safe

While visiting my parents in Palm Beach one spring, my mother loaned me a robe made of French Terry. I was immediately obsessed with how much softer and less bulky this robe was compared to the terry robes I had grown up with. The terry of my childhood was for drying off after a swim in the ocean or coming out of a bath. After trying on the French Terry, I knew I had to add something similar to my collection. It wasn't until I was visiting India and I was able to source the perfect materials that this dream came to life. Now handmade from artisans based in the Rajasthan region of India, we've come up with the most flattering and comfortable robe yet. While I have fond memories of the soft touch of terry I much prefer the look of French Terry. I tend to run cold and my father runs hot so the house is generously air conditioned which the mid weight of French Terry is perfect for. As a daily robe I think French Terry is the perfect fabrication.


Robes can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed. They have been washed multiple times in the printing process so they will not shrink.